Leasehold Condominium


A memorandum of lease shall be recorded with respect to any lease the expiration or termination of which may terminate the condominium or reduce its size.

• The name of the condominium which shall include the word “condominium” or be followed by the words “a condominium,”
• Name of the association
• Name of every county in which any part of the condominium is situated
• A legal description of the real estate subject to the lease
• The date on which the lease is scheduled to expire;
• Preparation statement (KRS 382.335)

Must be signed by the lessor and the lessee. The signatures must be acknowledged (notarized).

The clerk shall request a return mail address. (KRS 382.240)

*Legal description for the condominium unit will include: the name of the condominium, the recording data for the deed and declaration, the county in which the condominium is located, and the identifying number of the unit. KRS 381.9131

Fee Schedule