Child Support Lien In State

KRS 205.745

A lien filed in favor of the Cabinet for Human Resources against all real and personal property of the obligor. This lien is to be filed as a Lis Pendens and only in the real estate records of the county clerk's office.

The document is filed in the county where the obligor lives.

The document must have:

  • The entity asserting the lien
  • The person or persons upon whom have interest in the property the lien is being filed against (obligor)
  • The document must state the action number and the court in which the action is pending.

The clerk shall request a return mail address (KRS 382.240)

Document must be: signed by the person or entity asserting the lien or their attorney or agent. The signature does not need to be notarized.

Preparation Statement - if the document is prepared by a government agency or a court order, the preparation statement and notarized signatures should not be expected.

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