Condominium Amendment of Declaration KRS 381.9155

With some exceptions (See KRS 381.9155(1)) a Declaration may be amended only by vote or agreement of unit owners of units to which at least sixty-seven percent (67%) of the votes in the association are allocated.  The filer of the document is responsible for obtaining the correct signatures.

The document requires:
•    The amendment to the declaration shall be recorded in every county in which any portion of the condominium is located
•    The amendment is effective only upon recordation.
•    The name of the condominium which shall include the word ‘condominium’ or be followed by the words ‘a condominium’
•    Name of the association
•    Book and Page of the initial Declaration
•    Name of every county in which any part of the condominium is situated
•    A legal description
•    Preparation Statement  (KRS 382.335)
•    The clerk shall request a return mail address.  (KRS 382.240)

Fee Schedule