Condominium Deed KRS 381.810

The document requires:
•    Full names of grantor & grantee (KRS 382.135(1)(a) & 382.135(6))
•    First party and their mailing address (KRS 382.135(1), KRS 382.200)
•    Second party and mailing address (KRS 382.135(1) KRS 382.200)
•    Description (unit number, condo name, etc.) (KRS 381.840)
•    State that the property is “a condominium unit” (KRS 381.840)
•    Source of title must include the Book & Page reference to the master deed and the cabinet and slide to the floor plan (KRS 381.840, KRS 381.835)
•    Preparation Statement  (KRS 382.335)
•    Consideration certificate (KRS 382.135) (on deeds signed after 7-13-1990)
•    In-Care-Of Address for the property tax bill in the year transferred (deeds signed after July 31, 2008) (KRS 382.135(1)(d))
•    The clerk shall request a return mail address (KRS 382.240)
•    The grantors must sign the deed and the signatures must be acknowledged (notarized).  
•    The grantor and grantee must sign the sworn consideration statement the signatures must be notarized.  (KRS 382.135 & KRS 382.130).  

The document must be filed in the county clerk’s office of the county where the property is located (or the greater part).  KRS 382.110.

Fee Schedule