Deed of Release, Mortgage Release, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Discharge of Mortgage

The document requires:
•    Name of  the person or entity releasing the obligation (KRS 382.200)
•    Name of the individual or entity being released) (KRS 382.200)
•    The mortgage book and page reference being released, or the deed book and page in the case of a vendors lien.  (KRS 382.360)
•    Date of the instrument (date the document was signed) (KRS 382.360)
•    Partial releases require a description of the property being released (KRS 382.360)
•    Release must state whole or partial release (KRS 382.360)
•    Preparation statement (KRS 382.335)
•    Effective January 1, 2020, the document is returned to the requested party rather than mortgagor or grantor. (KRS 382.360)
•    The clerk shall request a return mail address (KRS 382.240)
•    Document must be: signed by the party or parties executing the release and the signature(s) notarized.  (KRS 382.360 & KRS 382.290)

Each document should have only one Mortgage Book and Page reference per release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Per KRS 382.290(6) No holder of a note secured by lien retained in either deed or mortgage shall lodge for record, and no clerk or deputy clerk shall receive and permit to be lodged for record, any deed or instrument of writing that does not comply with the provisions of this section.  This means a release shall not be lodged with the clerk or deputy clerk without first verifying the release is from the legal holder, and the book and page of the document to be released is the correct reference.  See Penalties sections KRS 382.990.

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