Person to Person Transfer of a Kentucky Titled Vehicle

What you will need:

  1. Original Kentucky Title
    1. The back of the title must be completed in its entirety. Seller's section is on the left. Buyer's section is on the right.
    2. Must include: current mileage, the sale price, complete addresses, SSN for buyer(s), buyer(s)'s birth month. 
    3. The seller(s) and the buyer(s) must sign and have their signature notarized.
  2. Current Original Kentucky Registration
  3. Proof of current Kentucky liability insurance in the buyer's name for the purchased vehicle.
  4. Title Lien Statement (TC96-187) if applicable, must be provided by the lienholder.

*All liens must be terminated prior to transfer.

If you have lost your Kentucky title you will need to order a duplicate title.

Contact us by email at Please include your name and phone number to be contacted to discuss your transfer. We are overwhelmed with requests, please be patient as it may take a week or two to reply.