Mail-In Absentee Voting

Kentucky state law requires voters to have a qualifying excuse in order to cast an absentee ballot by mail.  The following voters qualify to apply for a mail-in ballot:

1.  A voter who due to age, disability, or illness will be unable to go to the polls on election day or during walk-in absentee voting

2.  A student who temporarily resides outside the county in which he/she is registered to vote

3.  A voter who temporarily resides outside the state but who is still eligible to vote in this state (this includes vacationers)

4.  A voter who is incarcerated in jail who has been charged with a crime but has yet to be convicted of the crime

5.  A voter whose employment location requires him/her to be absent from the county on election day and all hours and days in-person absentee voting is conducted

6.  Covered Voters as defined in KRS 117A.010 - These voters are Members of the Armed Forces and their dependents who will be out of the county on election day and voters residing overseas (temporarily or permanently)

7.  A voter who is a participant in the Office of the Secretary of State's address confidentiality program

8.  A voter who moved, or is moving, to a different state while the new state's registration books are closed before a Presidential Election (Presidential only ballot)

Per KRS 117.085 - Except for covered voters as described in #6 above and medical emergencies occuring within fourteen (14) days of the primary or election, absentee mail-in ballots must be requested through the KY State Board of Elections secure online portal no later than 11:59 p.m. local time, fourteen (14) days before the primary or election in which a voter wants to vote. If you qualify to cast a mail-in ballot for one of the reasons above you may access the portal at  The absentee ballot tab will not be available until forty-five (45) days before the date of the primary or election.   

If you qualify for a mail-in ballot and have any problems completing and submitting your application on the portal, please call our office for assistance at 859-255-8683.