Insurance Requirements

  1. The insurance must be Commonwealth of Kentucky proof of insurance. Out of state insurance will not be accepted. (The only exception is for Military personnel.*)
  2. The registered owner/lessee must be named as the insured.
  3. New residents must obtain Kentucky insurance before registering their vehicle.
  4. If you are purchasing a vehicle, you must obtain Kentucky liability insurance naming you as the insured for that vehicle before titling and registering.
  5. The vehicle identification number (VIN) and named insured on the insurance proof must match the title.
  6. An insurance binder is acceptable for 30 days from the effective date. The binder must state that the coverage is "bound".
  7. The insurance proof must contain the five digit NAIC number.
  8. The insurance proof must describe the policy type as "PL" for personal or "CL" for commercial.
  9. The effective date must be within 45 days of transaction date.

*Military personnel may have insurance from another state. A copy of the military ID must be provided.