• Once you have been notified by the Secretary of State's Office that your application there has been accepted, you can come to our office to be sworn and post bond.  You will need to provide a notary insurance bond in the amount of at least $1000.00.  The bond should cover the entirety of your commission term. Bonds by property owners are no longer allowed as of January 1, 2020. 
  • There is a $19.00 fee for oath/bond recording. Cash, check made payable to Fayette County Clerk, or card (minimal processing fee) are accepted. 
  • Please bring your government-issued identification.

Additional General Information:

  • As of July 2009, notary ID numbers were issued to each notary and printed on their certificate.  Beginning January, 2020, a Kentucky notary must include their notary ID number and their commission expiration date on any acknowledgement.
  • When the notary takes the oath, they must swear that they have not fought a duel with deadly weapons.