• A lien is placed on your title if you have obtained a loan for your vehicle.
  • When the loan has been paid, the secured party is required to release the lien.
  • Effective July 15th, 2016, a lien is valid for ten years unless released or continued.  Liens filed before that date are valid for seven years.


If you receive an original lien release from your lienholder you can mail it to us along with your title to have it released.
Mail to:
Fayette County Clerk
162 East Main Street
Lexington, KY 40507
To process in person: Make an appointment to visit the Renewal Department

All appointments are at the Fayette County Clerk’s Office, 162 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40507.

At your designated appointment time, proceed to the 2nd Floor entrance in the Helix Garage to check-in. (Do not use the front doors)  You will then be directed to the appropriate department for your appointment.

A mask will be required while inside the building.

Only the individual releasing the lien will be permitted in the building, anyone accompanying them will have to wait outside.