Any repossession transaction must be processed in the county where the first lien was filed.

In situations where there are two liens on the same vehicle in different counties, a secured party would submit the proper documents to the county where the first lien is filed.

Requirements for repossession:

  • Affidavit Supporting Repossession and Disposition of a Vehicle (TC96-192)
  • Termination Statement
  • Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title / Registration (TC96-182)

If the plate is remaining on the vehicle, proof of current Kentucky liability insurance is requred. For "title only" transaction, the current plate or the Affidavit for Non-Exchange (TC96-167) is required.


Title fee:         $ 9.00 - $17.00

Clerk fee:        $ 3.00 - $6.00

Plate fee:        $21.00 annual registation if keeping plate

Speed titles are available for an additional $16.00.