Board of Elections, Responsibilities, Meetings

Upcoming Meeting(s):

The County Board of Elections

Regular Meeting and Election Machine Inspection 

Date:   October 18, 2023

Time:   9:00am

Place: Fayette County Clerk 

162 E Main St

Lexington, KY 40507

Place: Warehouse

1306 Versailles Rd

Lexington, KY 40507

(We will start the meeting at the Fayette County Clerk's office and then travel to the warehouse for the machine inspection)


Absentee Ballot Counting Board Meetings for the November Election

Dates: Oct. 24, Oct. 27, Nov. 2, Nov. 6, and Nov. 7. 

Time:   9:00am

Place: Fayette County Clerk

162 E Main St

Lexington, KY 40507


Fayette County Board of Elections Members:

Fayette County Clerk & Board Chair - Susan Lamb

Fayette County Sheriff - Kathy H. Witt

Democratic Commissioner - Marilyn Dishman

Republican Commissioner - Daniel H. Miller


Responsibilities of the County Board of Elections:

  • Administering election laws
  • Establishing precinct boundaries
  • Appointing election officers
  • Securing and inspecting all voting locations
  • Examining all machines that will be used for the election
  • Counting absentee ballots on Election Day
  • Certifying election results to the Secretary of State
  • Issuing Certificates of Election to local candidates

The board is in session all day on election days to correct clerical errors, to rule on voter registration questions, to instruct precinct election officers and to count absentee ballots.