Title Lien Statements

The perfection and discharge of a security interest in any property which has been issued a Kentucky certificate of title shall be by notation on the certificate of title (KRS 186A.190)(1). The lien is effective from the date on which the security interest is noted on the certificate of title for a period of ten (10) years, or in the case of a manufactured home for a period of thirty (30) years or until discharged. Liens filed on or before 7-14-2016 are only valid for seven (7) years.  A continuation statement can be filed within six months preceding the expiration of the initial notation that extends the notation's effectiveness for five additional years. (KRS 186A.190(1).

Property Required to be Titled

  • Vehicle (KRS 186.010(8)(a)
  • Manufactured (or mobile) home or trailer. (KRS 186.650)
  • Motorboats (KRS 186A.015, 235.055)


Except as otherwise provided, the state resident owner of a vehicle as defined in KRS 186.010(8)(a), manufactured home as defined in KRS 186.650, or trailer which will not be operated upon the highways of this state shall within fifteen (15) days apply for and obtain a certificate of title in his name. He shall not, however, be required to obtain a certificate of registration until the vehicle, manufactured home, or trailer is to be operated upon the highways of this state.


(1) Except as provided for in KRS 235.050, the titling and registration of motorboats as defined in KRS 235.010 shall be administered through the automated motor vehicle and trailer registration and titling system developed and implemented under the provisions of KRS 186A.010.

Requirements for Filing a Title Lien Statement KRS 186A.190, KRS 186A.193, KRS 186A.195 & KRS 355.9-502(1)

A title lien statement must have the following information to be filed:

  • The name(s) of the debtor and their mailing address
  • The name of the secured party and their mailing address
  • Date executed
  • Description of collateral (year, make, ID Number)
  • Title or goldenrod

The Title Lien Statement is the only recognized form for transmitting the required information needed to establish a lien on the certificate of title.

KRS 186A.190(6) states "In noting a security interest upon a certificate of title, the county clerk shall ensure that the certificate of title bears the lienholder's name, mailing address and zip code, the date the lien was noted, the notation number, and the county in which the security interest was noted. The clerk shall obtain the information required by this subsection for notation upon the certificate of title from the title lien statement described in KRS 186A.195 to be provided to the county clerk by the secured party."